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digital marketing courses in mumbai with placement

Digital marketing courses in mumbai with placement check Digital marketing courses syllabus  in mumbai with placement Module 1(Introduction to Digital Marketing ): Introduction to Digital Marketing & Techniques     DM Opportunities Digital Leadership Module 2(Search Engine Optimization): Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  How do Search Engines Work                                                                                       Basics of SEO Techniques Keywords Analysis SEO On Page Activities SEO Off Page Activities Competitor Analysis Module 3(Search Engine Marketing): Search Engine Marketing (SEM)         Google Adwords                                                                               Google Pay-Per Click (PPC) Basics of Paid Search PPC / Search Marketing Key Pillars How to create Campaigns Keyword Research Campaign Setup Bidding and Budget Module 4 (Content Marketing):                  Content Marketing 

Building a social presence

Building a social presence Let’s get active We’ve covered the best channels to use and how to get to know your target audience. Now, we’ll look at how you can build your social media presence with these things in mind. Establishing a strong presence is important when it comes to building relationships with new, and existing, customers. Social media by its very nature is about being social – that means connecting with people and building relationships. So, the best way to build a presence on social media is to create content that engages as many of your target audience as possible. The more people “like”, comment on or share your posts, the more regularly your posts will appear in their social feed. This can increase your exposure and help to build awareness of your business. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to build your social presence from scratch. Some useful expressions A follower  – A term used to describe someone who chooses to receive updates from

How to engage your audience in Social Media Marketing

How to engage your audience What is engagement? Engagement is when your audience interacts with the content you post on social media by following your business profile and commenting on, “liking” or sharing your posts. Lots of engagement means people are interested in what you are posting. From each type of engagement, you can also gain useful audience insights. These can be used to shape your future social media activity. For example, whilst lots of shares and “likes” may suggest content is popular, becoming a “follower” shows a higher level of commitment from a user, as they’ve requested to see more of your content in the future. Top tip: Your business profile could have high levels of engagement but for all the wrong reasons. A controversial opinion shared on social media may gain a high number of comments and shares but could damage your reputation. To prevent this, always make sure that your content is accurate and demonstrates your area of expertise. Why is engagement