Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

how Can Increase Facebook Engagement

1.   Post at the Right Time (Hint: It’s Not When You Think):
We found posts published between 10 p.m. and midnight (local time) receive the most engagement.

  2. Share Content Your Fans Want to See, Not Just What    You Want Them to See:

Share content which is in facebook   trends & people want to see content  like  latest news ,funny videos,puzzle etc.

 3. Look at Your Posts That Have Gotten Engagement in   the Past:

Re share that post which have gotten more engagement and make post like that..again.

4. Use Real-Life Photos:

Real life photos get more reach rather than text.

5. Reply to People:

Reply people on time to time

6. Create Blog Posts Specifically for Facebook (Share-Worthy Content):

Create a blog for your facebook page and write post on your blog and then share from blog to facebook ..

7. Ask People To Engage:

Add at end   like and share button to your blog post

8. Use Facebook Video:

 Native Facebook videos received:
  • Two times more comments
  • Three times more shares
  • Seven times more comments
  • Two times more reach

9. Shorten Your Posts

10. Create a Facebook Engagement Strategy


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Amy Watson
21 April 2018 at 04:20 delete

Using Facebook is a logical step for any business. Social Media marketing including Facebook is more cost efficient, more personal and more fluid than many other marketing mediums. Facebook in particular has become a great platform for reaching current, new and potential clients. Facebook is the largest website in the world. Facebook marketing