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SEO tips For Blogger

SEO tips for blogger

Let assume your Main Focus Keyword = digital marketing course in dahisar

1.       Permalink should  include your main focus keyword = digital-marketing-course-in-dahisar.html

2.       Post title should include main focus keyword = digital marketing course in dahisar 

3.       Labels= digital marketing course in dahisar, borivali, andheri, Mumbai.

4.       Location= dahisar

5.       Post content for your keyword  "digital marketing course in dahisar" :

<h1> digital marketing course in dahisar </h1> (heading include your main foucs keyword)
Find best in Digital Marketing Training Course  Institutes in dahisar,Mumbai.
Compare our syllabus on different training Institutes and centers
which are providing training on Digital Marketing course in dahisar .
Read our given short period and certification courses offered by different web technology training institutes.
 Send your details to know about total fees cost, duration of course, course syllabus, study materials,
 faculty experiences.
Get best price discount from our DIGITAL MARKETING Training Courses & Classes in dahisar , Mumbai.
<a href="" title="digital marketing course in dahisar "> digital madeeha  </a>
<img src= “digital-marketing-course-in-dahisar.jpg “ alt=”digital marketing course in dahisar” />

NOTE: 1. H1 should include main focus keyword
            21st paragraph include your main focus key word in 1st  100 character
            3. image name should include keyword & alt= should include main focus keyword
             For eg. 
            <img src= “digital-marketing-course-in-dahisar.jpg “  alt=”digital marketing course in    dahisar” />
            4. Your paragraph should include 2 internal links & 2 external links .
             For eg.
         <a href="" title="digital marketing course in  dahisar "> digital madeeha  </a> ……(external link & internal link is your blog url)
 NOTE: Here href include seo friendly url means permalink = digital-marketing-course-in-dahisar.html  & title = it include main focus keyword .

NOTE:  After publishing your post copy address of your post and submit to it is a process of indexing. Indexing means google come to know about this post. 

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