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seo tips for Wordpress


A friendly URL is a Web address that is easy to read and includes words that describe the content of the webpage. 
Rules For Seo Friendly URL :
1.      Small Letters
2.      Include Main Focus Keyword
3.      Each Word Must Be Separate By Hyphen (For Ex . digital-marketing-course-in-vile-parle)

2.Page Title :
A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages.
It should include main keyword.
For Ex : <title> main focus keyword </title>

3.Search Engine Title :
It is a title which generally focused by search engine hence it is called as search engine title.
We can keep is same as page title
For Ex: <meta name=”title” content=”main focus keyword” />

4.Search Engine Description (Meta Description )
Here we have to describe our webpage including main focus keyword
For Ex : <meta name=description content=”description including main focus keyword” />

5. Post Title
It should include main focus keyword
Note : Your Post Title And Permalink Should Not Exactly Same , Here We Have To Maintain Distance (Keyword Proximity )

6. Post Content
a) Heading <h1> main focus keyword </h1>
b)Paragraph <p>Include Main Focus Keyword In First 100 Character
c)Paragraph Should Contains Minimum Two Internal Links And Two External Links
For Ex : <a href=”digital-marketing-course-in-andheri.html” title=”main focus keyword” >anchor text </a>
Note :  If possible than keep main focus keyword in your anchor text or keep relevant keyword
d)Image Optimization :
Image name should include main focus keyword
Image alt attribute should include main focus keyword
For Ex :
<img src=”digital-marketing-course-in-andheri.jpg” alt=”digital marketing course in andheri” />
And keep so on for heading <h2>main focus keyword</h2>
<p>same as points (a) to (d) </p>
Same For <h3>main focus keyword</h3>

<p>same as points (a) to (d) </p>

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