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Social media content plans—daily, weekly, monthly, yearly using social media calendar

Social media content plans—daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
A daily social media content plan
Work one day ahead.
·                  What events and launches are planned for tomorrow?
·                  How much content do you need to plan and schedule?
·                  How does your sharing ratio fit with a day’s worth of content?
With a daily social media content plan, you can schedule the bulk of your content the day before, placing promotional posts of your existing content and adding curated content that appeared that day.
If you share six times to Twitter, you can schedule the six posts for tomorrow. If you use the 4-1-1 method for sharing, you make four of your six updates be content from others with a single post each for soft promotion (a blogpost of yours) and hard promotion (a CTA for your product).
A weekly social media content plan
Work one week ahead.
·                  What events and launches are planned for this week?
·                  Which new blogposts are scheduled to publish?
·                  How much new content do you need to find ahead of time?
·                  Which images could you create in advance?
Choose a day of the week to plan everything out for the following seven days. We shared some fun tips on how to accomplish the scheduling element of this—including some useful tools like bulk uploading to Buffer.
Planning a week ahead, you can fill in many of the slots in your schedule that will hold posts from your archives—the reshared content that you’ve posted before. New content and curated content can join the schedule as the week progresses.
A monthly social media content plan
Look one month ahead.
·                  What events and launches are planned for this month?
·                  What are your goals and plans for content this month?
·                  Which content can you schedule in advance, and what will you need to reserve space for?
·                  What experiments might you be running?
One month ahead, you may still be able to fill some of your slots with content from your archives. Beyond that, you’ll likely be charting your strategy instead of hand-writing individual updates.
Your monthly calendar can include your sharing ratio and content types. You can plan your social media experiments and tests. You can look ahead to launches and holidays and plan accordingly.
A yearly social media content plan
Look a full year ahead.
·                  What events and launches are planned for the year?
·                  What sharing ratio will you start out with?
·                  What will be your daily frequency to start?
·                  Which tentpole content do you hope to publish?

Jot down the major events happening over the next 12 months, integrate the social media plan with a blog editorial calendar, and settle on a sharing ratio that feels best to you. You can always come back throughout the year and change and tweak anything you’d like—when planning a year in advance, it’s hard to tell exactly what will be happening three or six or 12 months from now.

7 tools for organizing and implementing a social media calendar
With a good plan in place, the next step is organizing and implementing. Here’s where you get to have fun with some useful online tools.
1.                Buffer – Simple-to-use, great for scheduling social media posts in advance
2.                Google spreadsheets – Powerful and scalable way to organize and track content
3.                Google calendar – Daily, weekly, and monthly views of a content plan (with color-coded organization options)
4.                Basecamp – Project management tool that can be repurposed for social media
5.                Trello – Add content to boards and cards, and drag-and-drop to reorder and organize
6.                Wunderlist – To-do list app
7.                Todoist – To-do list app

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