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How To Increase Website Visitors Through Long-Tail Search

How To Increase  Website Visitors   Through Long-Tail Search :

In this article, we’ll cover these four topics:
1.    How to research long-tail keywords

2.    Case studies on long-tail keywords

3.    Ranking elements for long-tail keywords

4.    Tools to help you pick the right long-tail keywords

One of the questions :

How long should a long-tail keyword be?” 

And, my answer has always been “four keywords or more.” 

The longer the keyword, the easier it is for you to rank well for that keyword.

Here are some examples of good long-tail keywords in the fitness niche:
For   example you want   long tail keywords for   “property”
Then go to    just   search   property   in Google search box:

 at bottom then you will get  following search related keywords :

To research your own long-tail keywords, follow these simple steps:
Step #1: Start with seed keywords. Let’s assume that you want to target the keyword “copywriting.” To find long-tail variations on that seed keyword, go to the Google Keyword Planner and type in copywriting. Then, scroll down and click “Get ideas.”

Step #2: Click on the keywords tab to show all of the keywords related to copywriting.

Step #3: Look for the most relevant in-demand keywords. Make sure that the keyword you selected is relevant, because you’ll be expanding on it for longer variations.

Step #4: Copy one of the keywords highlighted in red above and plug it into the search box for long-tail variations.

Then click on  Get Ideas  you will get  long tail keyword variations..

Understand long-tail keyword intent: The intent behind any particular keyword is much more important than the keyword itself. According to Tom Fanelli, “when you think about intent, good keywords will follow.” Your content will improve as a result.
Long-tail keywords that address the need of the searcher or solve a definite problem will most likely rank well on Google, compared to similar head keywords.

Customers who type descriptive key phrases (long-tail) are generally more qualified than those who type head keywords or short tail phrases. As a result, the conversion rates are higher for long-tail keywords, as compared to head keywords.

But, most customers aren’t ready to buy yet. Some prefer to browse, while others want to learn about the product before placing their order. What buying cycle does your keyword fall into?
If consumers haven’t made up their mind to purchase, they’ll probably search for “informational keywords.”
·        how to lose weight workouts
·        search engine optimization tips
·        make money online with no money
·        make money on the internet free
·        free ebook download
·        top 10 free plugins for WordPress

However, when searchers are ready to buy, they use keywords displaying commercial intent.
·        survival knife review
·        buy fire TV
·        weight loss programs

Commercial keywords usually contain certain prefixes (words that appear before) or suffixes (words that appear after), which modify or qualify the long tail keywords. Small business owners would do well to learn the buy words. Here are some of the popular ones:
·        Buy
·        Review
·        Purchase
·        Discount
·        Coupon
·        Deal
·        Shipping
·        Order

You’ll usually find both informational and commercial intent keywords in your research. With consistency, you can improve your search ranking by targeting the keywords with useful and detailed content. 


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