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About ad position and Ad Rank & Quality Score

About ad position and Ad Rank Ad position is the order in which your ad shows up on a page. For example, an ad position of "1" means that your ad has the highest position on the page relative to the other ads of the same type. It doesn't necessarily mean that your ad is above the search results. If there are no ads above the search results, then it means that your ad is the first ad shown beneath search results. In general, it's good to have your ad appear higher on a page because it's likely that more customers will see your ad. Ads can appear on the top or bottom of a search results page. You can learn about how your ads are stacking up by checking your  average position . Before you begin Keep in mind that “average position” is a metric best suited for checking your progress on the Search Network. Because of the diversity of websites on the Display Network, average position may be less useful for optimizing for display performance. How ad position i

Google Adwords CPC

CPC : What Is Cost Per Click?  CPC  is short form of cost per click ,which  you pay for each click on your  ads in your marketing campaigns. Types of CPC: (1)Manual CPC (2)Maximize Clicks (3)ECPC (Enhanced CPC) Manual CPC: •         With Manual Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bidding, you can set a maximum price on the cost of someone clicking on your AdWords ads. •         Note: You can get good value with this bidding method because you pay only when a viewer is interested enough to click your ad. How Manual CPC bidding works: •         Example •         If you think it's worth 19rs to have someone visit your website, you can set 19rs as your max. CPC. You'll pay a maximum of 19rs when a person reads your ad and clicks it, and you pay nothing if they don't click. •         Let's say you create a text ad and set a max. CPC bid of  19rs. If 500 people see the ad, and 23 of them click to learn more, you pay only for those 23 clicks. Your max. CPC bid was