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SEO Tips And Tricks For Blogger

SEO Tips And Tricks   For Blogger : 1) Optimize Blog post titles –   You must be knowing that writing catchy and compelling blog post titles is very important but you have to also keep in your mind that you have to also make your title SEO optimized to get good rankings in search results So try to include your main keywords in your blog post titles especially put them at beginning because keywords at beginning has more weightage in terms of SEO as compared to keywords appearing at the end of post titles 2) Keywords in Content –   Don’t forget to use keywords throughout your content to get better rankings, literally I have tried this earlier I was not using my targeted keywords in my articles as beginner but when I started using then the game was different and I was getting good rankings So try to use keywords at beginning, end and sprinkle it few time in between your content 3) SEO Optimize Images –   Many beginner bloggers think that images are only used for making blog posts

Competitor Analysis tools

Why competitive analysis is important ? SEO competitive analysis is critical because it gives data about which tactics are working in the industry we are in and what we will need to do to start improving our keyword rankings.  The insights gained from this analysis help us understand which tasks we should prioritize and it shapes the way we build out our campaigns.  By seeing where our competitors are strongest and weakest, we can determine how difficult it will be to outperform them and the amount of resources that it will take to do so. Important points to check  our competitor  report on : (1) Domain authority : (2)Check  SEO  score  to check  which  keywords and content they have used in there web page. (3)Check  ranking for each keywords which your competitor used by using SEO rank checker : (4)Check which

Google Adwords Complete notes 2018

Module 1 Understanding the value of online advertising 1.1 Benefits of online advertising and AdWords 1.2 Google's advertising networks 1.3 Where your ads can appear 1.4 The quality of your ads 1.5 What you pay Module 2 Setting up an AdWords campaign 2.1 Choosing a campaign type 2.2 Structuring your campaign 2.3 Targeting your audience 2.4 Setting bids and budgets 2.5 Creating ad groups 2.6 Tools to plan a campaign Module 3     Measuring and optimizing performance: 3.1     Measure your results 3.2 Tools to measure your performance 3.3 Evaluate metrics relevant to your goals 3.4 Optimize your campaign Module 4 Goggle    Ad words     PPC     : 4.1     Introduction on Google     Adwords     CPC & Types of    CPC. 4.2    Formula to Calculate Google   Adwords   Ad Rank and Actual CPC. 4.3     Improving your return on investment. 4.4    Improving your Ad quality. 4.5     Solution for landing page experience. 4.6    how to