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Competitor Analysis tools

Why competitive analysis is important ?

SEO competitive analysis is critical because it gives data about which tactics are working in the industry we are in and what we will need to do to start improving our keyword rankings.
 The insights gained from this analysis help us understand which tasks we should prioritize and it shapes the way we build out our campaigns. 
By seeing where our competitors are strongest and weakest, we can determine how difficult it will be to outperform them and the amount of resources that it will take to do so.
Important points to check  our competitor  report on :

(1)Domain authority :


(2)Check  SEO  score  to check  which  keywords and content they have used in there web page.  


(3)Check  ranking for each keywords which your competitor used by using SEO rank checker :


(4)Check which website they are using to create Back links:


Competitor analysis website list:





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