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Earn Money Online Tips & Ideas

Earn Money Online

Check Some Of The Best Ways Below & Start Immediately-
 1. Earn From PTC Sites

If You Are Trying To Earn Money Online & Need Only Small Extra Income Less Than $200 (Rs.12,000) Then PTC Sites Are The Best Way To Start.
Here You Need To Click & Read The Advertisements For 10 To 3o Seconds & Get Paid For Each & Every Advertisement You View.
There Are Many Sites Where You Can Register & Make Money By Reading Ads. All Sites Are Free & There Is No Investment At All.
You Can Check This List Of 5 BestPTC Sites, Signup & Start Earning.

2. Earn With GPT Sites

To Add More Income, You Can Also Join GPT Sites Where You Can Earn Money By Taking Small Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games & Doing Many More Activities.
We Have Worked On Number Of GPT Sites But We Will Recommend Only 3 Sites Which Pays Their Member On Time. You Can Receive Your Payment By PayPal, Cheque Or Bank Transfer.

3. Become A Captcha Solver

If You Have More Time Then You Can Add Further Income In Your Pocket By Working As A Captcha Solver. This Is The One Of Easiest Way To Earn Money Online.
As A Captcha Solver, You Need To Read The Captcha Images & Type The Exact Characters. You Need To Be Very Fast In Order To Earn Better Income.
You Can Get Paid Up To $2 For Every 1000 Captchas You Solve.
If You Are Interested In This Then You Can Check This List Of 10 Best Captchaentry Sites.

4. Earn Money From Survey

Here You Can Make Money By Completing Small Surveys Which Takes 5 Minutes To 30 Minutes Depending On The Requirement Of A Particular Company.
You Need To Write Your Feedback & Opinion In A Survey. You Just Have To Select Your Choice From The Question & There Is No Need To Write Anything.
You Can Make $1 To $20 Depending On The Length Of The Survey, Your Profile & The Country You Are Living.
Visit Here To Join 20best Survey Sites & To Know More About Online Surveys.

4. AdSense & Other Ad Network

Although This One Is The Most Favourite In My List But I Put This In #4 Because Its Not As Easy As Other 3 Above & It Takes Time To Make Money From Google AdSense.
You Need A Website (Which Anyone Can Create Now A Days) & Some Tricks To Bring The Traffic On Your Website So That You Can Earn Money From AdSense & Other Ad Network.
We Have Prepared One Of The Best Course On AdSense Earning Which Thousands Of People In India & All Over The World Have Used & Now They Are Earning $200 To $1000+ Per Month.
This Training Course Is Absolutely Free & You Can See Guidance Here.

5. Earn With Affiliate Marketing

If You Are Serious About Earning Money Online & You Are A Hard Working Guy Who Wants To Make Big Income Then Affiliate Marketing Is For You.
There Is More Scope For Affiliate Marketing Than Before Because Of The High Growth Of Online Shopping.
There Are Hundreds Of Online Merchants Like FlipkartAmazonEBayClickbankCJ Etc. Where You Can Signup & Promote Their Products.
In Affiliate Marketing, You Are Simply Helping Customers To Buy The Right Product By Creating A Simple Website & In Return You Can Earn 4% To 20% Commission.
You Can Contact Here So That We Can Send You One Of The Best Guide On Affiliate Marketing That Can Help You To Earn Great Income.

6. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing Is Another Popular Way To Make Money After AdSense & Affiliate Marketing. As A Freelancer, You Can Work With Small Or Big Companies On A Temporary Basis & Provide Them Your Services.
Freelancers Can Make $500 To $2000+ Per Month Depending On The Type Of Skills You Will Use As A Freelancer.
You Can Work As A Content Writer, Web Designer, Graphics Design Or Provide Services Like SEO, Data Entry & Many More.
There Are Dozens Of Popular Websites Like ElanceFreelancer.InWorkNHireUpworkPeople Per Hour Etc. That Can Give You The Ready Platform With Ready Clients.

7. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant Is Like A Personal Assistant Who Can Earn Money By Working Online For Someone Without Being Physically Present.
He Can Do Variety Of Tasks Like Taking Care Of Websites, Counselling, Writing & Proofreading, Publishing Content, Marketing, Coding, Website & App Development, Research Etc.
There Are Dozens Of Companies Like HireMyMomMyTaskerZirtualUAssistMe123Employee Where You Can Signup For Virtual Assistant Work.

6. Writing Job

Writing Is Another Better Way To Earn Money On Internet Through Writing Different Types Of Content. You Can Write For Blogs, Companies, Institutions, Individual People Etc.
Different Types Of Writers Get Paid Differently. Normally People Get Paid $5 Or More For 500 Words Content.
You Can Go To The Sites Like Elance, IWriter, WriterBay, FreelanceWritingTextBroker, ExpressWriters.Com, FreelanceWritingGigs.Com To Find The Content Writing Jobs.

7. Web Design

If You Have Idea Of Web Design & Development Then You Can Make Money Online By Taking Order From The Customers Who Are Looking To Develop Their Website.
If You Don’t Have Idea Then You Can Take The Training & Then Start This Because This Field Has Got A Great Potential. Either You Can Promote This Offline Or Create Your Own Website And Promote 0nline.

8. SEO

This Is One Of The Most Popular Business Online & If You Have Idea Of SEO Then You Don’t Have To Worry About Making Money Online.
Companies Spend Hundreds To Thousands Of Dollars Every Month On SEO So That Their Website Can Get On The Top Of Google For Their Business Keywords.
You Need To Take The Training From A Popular Institute Like SEOTrainingCourse.Co.In Where You Can Learn Practical SEO Tips & Implement The Same To Rank Different Types Of Sites.

9. Micro-Working

If You Are A Kind Of Person Who Want Simple Ways To Earn Money Online & Not Mare Than $200-$300 (Rs.15000) Per Month Then You Can Become A Micro Worker.
Here You Can Work On Variety Of Different Tasks Like Identifying An Object, Rating & Commenting On Different Sites, Visiting Some Websites, Finding Contact Details, Doing Small Research, Writing Small Articles Etc.
There Are Many Websites Like MTurkMicroWorkerSEOClerkClickWorkerGigWalkwhere You Can Work As A Micro Worker & Earn Extra Income.

10. Seller On Fiverr

Fiverr Is A Place Where You Can Do Any Service For $5. You Can Visit The Website Fiverr.Com & Check Which Type Of Service You Can Do On Fiverr.
You Can Become A Seller On Fiverr & Create Your Gigs Where You Can Tell People That You Can Do So & So For $5.
People See Your Gig & If They Like It, They Will Order Your Service. Even If You Complete 1 Gig A Day, You Can Make $150 Or Rs.9000/- Per Month.
Our Training Material On Fiverr Can Help You To Grow Your Business & You Can Make Great Money From Fiverr.

10. YouTube Channel

You Go Anywhere Or Do Anything, If You Love Shooting Videos On All These Occasions Then There Is A Great Scope For You To Earn Money From YouTube.
All You Need To Do Is Upload The Videos On YouTube & Become A YouTube Partner. For Each & Every View, You Will Get Paid.
Sometime If Any Of Your Videos Become Viral Then You Can Make Huge Money.

11. Become An Online Seller

Online Selling Is Not Like Traditional Selling. Here You Just Need To Become A Seller On Some Of The Top Shopping Portals Like EBay, Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal Etc. & List The Products You Want To Sell.
You Can Roam Around Your City & Check For The Best Products You Can Sell On These Sites. You Need To Try The Best Products That You Can Sell At Lower Than Market Price.
Trust Me, Its Easier Than Your Thought. Only Thing You Need To Do Is Take Action.

12. Domain Trader

Domain Trading Is Another High Profit Business You Can Do Online. But Here You Need Some Investment For Buying The Domain.’
You Must Be An Expert OR You Should Get Detailed Knowledge Before You Start This Business. You Can Buy Domains From GoDaddy Or Other Domain Registrar For Less Than $10 & Sell In Future To The Needy Person For Hundreds Of Dollars.
Your Skill Here Is To Identify Great Domains That Are Not Booked Yet & Companies In Future Can Try To Buy That Domain.
When Companies Don’t Find The Domain Of Their Choice, They Contact The Domain Owner For The Deal & It’s In Your Control To Fix The Price.
You Can Even Put Your Domains On Auction So That People Can Buy Directly At Your Desired Price.

13. Website Flipping

Like Domain Trading, Website Flipping Is Also A Hot Business To Earn Money Online. Here You Don’t Deal With Domains But Websites.
You Have To Create A Website, Work On It For 3-6 Months Or More So That You Can Start Making Money From The Websites.
After Earning For 2-3 Months, You Can Put That Site On Auction On Flippa & Other Platforms. You Can Easily Get 15-20 Times Price Of Your Monthly Earning From That Website.

14. Provide Training & Consultancy

If You Possess Some Good Skills & Love To Teach Then You Can Start A Training Or Consultancy Business Online.
You Can Provide Training On English Or Any Computer Course, Provide Consultancy On Vastu, Any Technical Topic Or If You Are A Doctor Can Provide Consultancy For Treatment Etc.
There Are Number Of Things You Can Teach Online. You Can Promote Your Business By Creating A Website Or A Facebook Page Or By Placing Ads In Classified Sites Etc.

15. Stock & Forex Trading

Stock Trading & Forex Trading Is A Very Lucrative Way To Make Money For Those Who Has Good Idea Of The Market.
There Are Number Of Free Or Paid Courses Available On Internet That Can Train You For Online Trading. You Can Even Read Newspaper Like Economic Times Or Watch TV Channels Like CNBC To Become More Expert In The Field.
Its Risky To Enter Into This Market Without Sufficient Knowledge.

16. Earn Money From Your Smartphone

There Are Various Apps That Can Make You Some Small Money By Doing & Completing Some Simple Tasks On Your Smartphone.
There Are At Least 10 Apps That Can Earn You Some Extra Income In The Range Of $100-$150 A Month. You Have To Take Simple Surveys, Complete Offers By Signup On Other Websites, Play Games, Watch Videos Etc.
We Will Show You The List Of These Apps After You Signup For Our Training.

17. Sell Photos Online

This Is Another Use Of Your Smartphone. You Can Take High Quality Images Of Nature, Places, People, Things, Dishes, Homes Etc. & Sell Them Online.
There Are Number Of Big Sites Like ShutterstockFotolia, , IStockPhotoPhotobucket Where You Can Submit Your Photos.
Whenever Some Customer Wants To Purchase Your Photos, You Will Get Paid As Per The Price You Fix. You Can Get Paid Multiple Time For The Same Photos.

18. Sell Old Stuff On OLX Or Quikr

I Am Sure There May Be Number Of Things In Your Home That Are Lying Unused For Months & If You Take Little Efforts, You Can Earn Some Good Money.
You Just Need To Do 2 Things, I.E. Find Out All The Items That You Are No Longer Using, Take High Quality Photos Of These Items From Different Angles & List These Items On OLX & Quikr For Sale.
Not Only This, You Can Also Ask Your Friends & Relatives For Selling Their Old Stuff. You Can Help Them Selling These Items & Make Some Commission.
So These 18 Ways Can Provide A Perfect Answer For Your Query ‘How To Earn Money Online” & Yes, You Can Shoot An Email To Us In Case Of Assistance


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