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On Page SEO Points

Important   On-page SEO points  :

1 seo friendly url:-
a)it should include your main focus keyword
b)Seprate each word by hyphen
c)small Letters

example :

2)Page title :-
a)it should start with main focus keyword
b)its length should 65 characters which count space also
example :
<title> main focus keyword</title>
3)page description(meta description):-
a)Its Describe your web page
b)Its should include your main focus keyword with description
c)Its should be 155 to 165 characters  with include space
example :
<meta name=”description”  content=”your page description with main focus keyword” />
4)Meta keyword:-
a)it include your targeted keywords minimum 5 keywords.
b)and each keywords separate  by comma

example :
<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1,keyword2,keyword3,keyword4,keyword5,….” />

5)your web page content should include <H1>,<H2>,<h3> html tags with main focus keyword
6)your first hundred words of your first paragraph should include your main focus keyword
7)your web page content paragraph should include LSI keywords(search related keywords)
8)Your web page should include 2 internal links and 2 external links

example :
<a  herf=”seo-friendly-url.html”  Title=”main focus keyword”> Anchor Text </a>

9)image optimization:-
a)image name should include your main focus   main keyword
<img src=”main-focus-keyword.jpg”  alt=”main focus keyword” />

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