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Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Organic Reach

  1. Find unique and relevant content for your audience
  2. Keep an eye on Facebook Insights
  3. Make use of Visual Marketing
  4. Communicate with your audience(eg. comment back on their comments)
  5. Re-share/Recycle Your Evergreen Content
  6. Be strategic about your posting time
  7. Try to become a valuable source in your niche(solve problems):
Here are three steps you can apply today to start moving in that direction:
  • Solve the problems that people are facing in your niche. Be the SOLUTION.
  • Share other people’s relevant and valuable content. While doing so, let your audience know that your focus is on them, not you. Share a part of content which will be useful to them (also if it doesn’t move them back to your website or blog).
  • Share valuable tips and tricks which will help your audience.
8.Plan a content strategy in advance:

Here’s a list of type of content that you can plan ahead of time:

  • Your own website or blog content
  • Other people’s content
  • Branded images
  • Funny pictures
  • Facebook Live video

9. Try posting more than you’re posting now:

10. Post Audience-Tested Content(take  idea from buzzsumo.com)

to know more  Download  my  Facebook notes :

Download Facebook Marketing Details notes
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