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What are the Digital Marketing Ways to achieve Digital Marketing Goals( brand Awareness , Increase Website Visitor, Lead generations)

How   to   Increase   Brand   Awareness   ?

(1)Run   Facebook    Brand Awareness   paid   Campaign   .

(2)Run   Google   Adwords   display network Campaign with bid   strategy   vCPM
And   Responsive   ad .

(3)Run   Google Ad words   Video Campaign for   brand awareness for in stream   Ads  with bid strategy  CPV.

(4)Sharing   website   links and   your blog post Articles ,videos  on   social media  groups like facebook  groups,  LinkedIn  Groups.

(5)List your  business on  Free Local Business listing website   for example,, etc.

How to increase your business   website visitor   ?

(1)Run   Google   Ad words    CPC   CAMPAGIN   FOR YOUR SELECTED KEYWORDS by USING Google   ad words keyword planner.
(2)MAKE   SEO   FOR WEBSITE with relevant     keywords   on   which   user   searches   on search engines like Google   keyword list use   ..

(3)Write    seo   friendly   blog post   for   relevant Articles which your   targeted user searches.

(3)WRITE    seo    friendly   blogs   post   for your   Website   , use social bookmarking website like   ,   ,

(4)Content Marketing :
Ø    Create   presentation  PPT    files   and upload to   kind platform  , upload PDF ,
Ø    Share   eBook   on platform like 
Ø    Write    Question and answer on platform like
Ø     Article submission on platform like
Ø     Social   Media   Sharing of your website links to   relevant groups and local groups.

How   to   Generate   Leads   ?


(2)Run   Ad words   search network campaign with   bid strategy   “Manual   CPC”   WHICH FOCUS ON CLICKS.

(3)DO   seo   for  your website  and do seo  for your  blog  which is linked with  your website. 

(4)Social   Media:

Ø        Set up pages. Build an audience. Join groups. 
Ø        Create an official Facebook page, LinkedIn page , Twitter profile.
Ø      Easy on the hashtags. Keep your hashtags to a minimum. One or two hashtags per post is enough.   Nobody wants to read tweets with the ‘#’ symbol all over it.
Ø      Run  paid  Campaign on social  media  for lead generation for example :
Facebook lead generation campaign.
Ø    Create a YouTube Channel.
Ø    Create top quality Video content.
Ø    Use keywords in the video title.
Ø    Add relevant links to your YouTube videos.
Ø   Share the videos across all of your social media channels to generate more leads from various touchpoints


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