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Why to use pinterest for business

Every business can gain a captive audience on Pinterest with the right visual content.

If you have a story to tell & want to reach a whole new audience, then Pinterest is for you.


A Pin is simply any image or video that someone chooses to save to Pinterest. For businesses, more important than the image itself is the link: Every pin links back to the original source, so Pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic.
Pinterest users (called “Pinners”) save a lot of stuff—an incredible 100 billion Pins to date. In order to keep things organized, they sort their Pins into collections called boards. 
Which  include case studiesbest practices & trends, and infographics.


A Pinterest feed is just like a feed on any other social network—it’s a collection of links and content from boards and users that the Pinner has followed.


 How to use pinterest for business   ?

Just create your account on pinterest.com

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