Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Private Tuition In Mumbai

Are you looking for Digital Marketing Private Tuition In Mumbai then check given syllabus

you can just complete  your  digital marketing private tuition course  in  7  days  and after 7 days you can start  promoting your business  online  on google.com  search engine , facebook kind social media platforms etc.
Day 1
Digital marketing introduction with digital marketing techniques

Day 2
Blogger.com  & facebook

How to create a seo friendly   website on blogger.com  & facebook business page setup and facebook group setup
Day 3
Wordpress  Website design with  seo plugins.
How to create  seo friendly website on  wordpress and how to use  seo plugins to get google ranking
Day 4
Google analytics
Google analytics   code setup to blogger.com and wordpress  website .
How to create goals 
& event tracking
&  checking  user behavior on website analysis  and reporting.

Day 5
Social Media Marketing(facebook,Linkedin,twitter ,instagram,whatsapp)
Creating  profile on linkedin
creating  groups on linkedin and instagram and  business page setup  and business profile setup and and twitter profile setup and twitter  trending topics.
Day  6
Google adwords  ppc training
& also guide for google adwords certification
Keyword research & keyword selection.
Creating  campaign
Creating ad groups
Creating ads
Choosing Bidding strategy  according to goals

Day  7
Email marketing ,
video marketing, 
Affiliate marketing.
Email marketing using mailchimp
Video marketing  using youtube
Affiliate marketing  of amazon and flipkart.
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