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how to start a seo projects for a client

how to start a seo projects for a client

SEO Process Stages for a client Project
1.       Visit  Website each pages   first and Check Website current status
(a)Whether it is SEO friendly  Website and Make Website Audit for  website url structure , page title, meta description, meta keywords, content optimization(text,images,videos).

ie. Part -1 (Head Section) Part- 2 (Body Section)
For Example : Checking SEO Score for each pages of website using online Tools:
& check seo rank  for current website suing  :-
(b) Check website speed test  and mobile friendly test.
(c)check Domain authority checker :-
  (d)Check Alexa ranking:-

2.       Collect information about keyword list using Google Adwords-Keyword Planner (Using Product & service information)

3.       Select keyword list & Select web pages of website for which   Client want   search engine ranking  ON Page SEO activity.
For Example: You have chosen 15 Keyword list
Note: Choose long tail keywords too(long tail keyword means having more than four words) .
4.       Start ON Page SEO for selected pages:-
Make ready page title, search engine title, search engine description & SEO Content for each Pages   which you have selected for ON Page SEO.
Note: for this Make research on websites which are coming on first page.
Check their page title, search engine title, search engine description & SEO Content.
& again check seo score of   your each web pages:-
and also use   http://www.onpageseotool.com/ for   particular keyword .
5.       After doing ON Page SEO Check SEO Score of each page which you have optimized & improve if any error comes & again check SEO score & keep it up till all errors will be removed.
6.       Start OFF Page SEO for all pages:-
A: Article Submission: & Create backlinks in article content for all pages of website.
B: Social Media Sharing of all pages.
C: Forum Signature, Quora.com..etc.
D:social bookmarking (pinterest.com)

Note: Use Google Calendar for OFF page SEO Activity.
For  e.g. on which  day on which topic you will make an article posting.
7.       After   7 OR 10 days Start Checking ranking for keywords for which you are doing SEO. Using SEO rank checker tool.

& keep doing off page SEO Activity  to monitor ranking and increase ranking .

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