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Google Adwords Campaign for brand awareness, Lead generation, increase website traffic ,conversion

  Google    Adwords     :- (1)Brand Awareness:- (a) Display Network    Campaign    with    Responsive ad    using    VCpm    Bid Strategy     . Note:- With viewable CPM, you bid on 1,000 viewable impressions and you pay for impressions that are measured as viewable. An ad is counted as "viewable" when 50 percent of your ad shows on screen for one second or longer for Display ads and two seconds or longer for Video ads. Viewable CPM lets you bid on the actual value of your ad appearing in a viewable position on a given placement. see this from (b)Video        Campaign    with     in stream ad using     CPV     Bid Strategy    . About cost-per-view (CPV) bidding:- Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding is the default way to set the amount you'll pay for TrueView video ads in Google Ads. With CPV bidding, you'll pay for video views or interactions (such as clicks on

How to Get Localized Search Results Without Google’s Location Search Filter?

Use Search Parameter "& near=": If you want to find the search results near a certain location then adding this parameter "&near=cityname" to the query will give you desired results.  for example:- "city name"= Type your desired location name. E.g:  If you want to find skin care clinics in Melbourne then you can search this like “Skin care clinics” and in the URL add" &near=virar" or any particular city name of Melbourne and you will get the desired results. With these four amazing ways, you can easily find local search results but yes for every option you use, organic search results will vary i.e. they will be different when searched via Google Ad Preview, completely different when f


AFTER GRADUATION  What is MY  CAREER IN DIGITAL MARKETING    Digital marketing is trending in current world market and helping Graduates people who are taking interest in Marketing for getting a better job placement in reputed  company.  You can Join our digital marketing course after completing your Bcom/BBA/BMM/BMS/BAF/BCA etc. You just only  know about computer basics and how to use internet. Digital marketing is trending and growing like  IT  industry.  There are huge numbers of jobs available in digital marketing because Earlier businesses use to advertise their products on Television, Radio, Billboards, and pamphlets etc. But now these traditional ways of marketing are getting older and most of the people are on the internet.  Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Make My Trip, Yatra, Food Panda etc. has become a brand now just by doing digital marketing Starting salary for Fresher digital marketing professional is 18,000 Rs-20000Rs    per month. 

seo content guidance

What Is SEO Content? To Understand What Marketers Mean By SEO Content, It’s Helpful To Break Down The Phrase Into Its Component Parts: “SEO”  Refers To Search Engine Optimization, Or The Process Of Optimizing A Website So That People Can Easily Find It Via Search Engines Like Google. By  “Content,”  We Mean Any Information That Lives On The Web And Can Be Consumed On The Web ( More On The Various Types Of Content Below ). So, Putting These Two Concepts Together:  SEO Content Is Any Content Created With The Goal Of Attracting Search Engine Traffic . Keyword Research : If You Want To Generate Traffic Through Search, It’s Best To Do Keyword Research  Before  You Start Writing. This Way, You Can Focus On Keywords For Which A Certain Amount Of Search Volume Already Exists – In Other Words, Write Toward Topics That People Are Already Searching For Information About. Keyword Optimization : Know Where And How To Use Keywords In Your Content For Maximum Searchability. (SEOMoz O

30 Days Digital Marketing private tuition training plan for business man

30 Days Digital Marketing private tuition training plan for business Man this course i have designed according to need of business marketing , after doing this course a business man can handle own marketing team for brand awareness of company (product ,services  ), increase website traffic , Generate Inquiries for particular product & service. & can increase  business  marketing  & sales up to  50%. Module Description Days SEO, Blogger,   Wordpress On page seo Off page seo 8 days Google Analytics Website Tracking    Code    Setup and analysis report. 2 days SMM Social media Marketing Facebook, linkedin, twitter, Instagram 7days SMO Facebook open graph,twitter summary card 1 days Google Adwords   PPC Introduction ,cpc & types of cpc ,quality score,ad relevance ,landing page experience ,exp ctr Live campaign 5 days Video   Ma