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Top 10 Google Analytics things you must know

Top 10 Google Analytics things you must know

1. What is Google Analytics?
·         Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used webanalytics service on the Internet.
·         Once you integrate its script to the website, you can track the performance of your website in different forms e.g. user’s engagement, conversions and visitor’s flow.
·         Google Analytics helps you analyse the information about the performance of your site and guide you in making decisions to improve the site traffic and revenue.
2. What are the Google Analytics Goals?
Goals can be understood as the key site activities that you need to screen in Google Analytics. Such site activities are considered as Google Analytics Goals that marketers use to gauge which kind of campaign is working well with guests and which do not. Different Google Analytics Goals are-
·         Destination: which is a specific location within your  site.
·         Duration: that helps you know how long your guest’s site visits last.
·         Page Visit tells you about the pages and visitors during a single visit.
·         Events let you know about the actions visitors take during a visit such as ad clicks or social media shares.
3. What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?
Again a very common question suggested by most of Google Analytics Questions & Answers Guides. A conversion occurs when your predefined Google Analytics goals are accomplished thereby generating revenues to the business.
·         It can also be understood as when a user takes any desired action on the site such as filling the form or signing up or purchasing a product etc.
·         Goals are used in Google Analytics to set the conversion tracking.
4. What is meant by KPI in Analytics?
The full form of KPI is Key Performance Indicators. According to Google Analytics Questions and Answers Guide, KPI metrics helps marketers analyse their websites based on the different business objectives. Some of the notable examples of KPIs are-
·         Users
·         Sessions
·         Avg Time
·         Bounce Rate
·         Conversion rate etc.
5. What is a session?
Whenever a user visits a website, the session gets started. In Google Analytics, a session can last for 30 minutes even if you do not do any activity.
·         A new session starts in Google analytics if your source changes.
·         For instance, one session will start if you visit from organic results, but if you open same site from PPC then next session will get started.

6. What is Acquisition report in Google Analytics?

This is one of the most important Google Analytics Questions & Answers that include knowledge about different online marketing tactics that are bringing the most visitors to your site.
Acquisition report gives a window about the user Acquisition by channels, keywords, campaign, and source media. The Acquisition report updates you about the origin of your site visitors such as search engines, social networks or website referrals.
7. What is Behaviour in Google Analytics?
Behaviour reports help you know how visitors move through your website and how they interact with your content.
·         It helps you optimize your website performance and conversions as per the behavioral preferences of your site visitors.
·         This helps you assess the performance of your content and the actions visitors take on your website.

8. What is Report in Google Analytics?

Report in Google Analytics is used to identify the landing pages that should be reworked or redesigned to be more viable and you need to go through the details of report in Google Analytics while preparing for Google Analytics Questions and Answers.

9. How many types of custom Reports are there in Google Analytics?
There are 3 types of custom Reports in Google Analytics-
·         Explorer
·         Flat Table
·         Map Overlay
10. What is Mapoverlay?
Mapoverlay includes a Map of the world of different regions and countries. To indicate the traffic and engagement volume, it displays relevant locations in darker colors.

What are the top channels Google Analytics uses to track your traffic sources?
Top Channels that Google Analytics uses to track traffic sources are-
·         Organic Search
·         Paid Search
·         Direct
·         Referral
·         Social
·         Others

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