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From where can i check Youtube trending video list

Check YouTube trending from

 Youtube Dashboard

 Google Trends 

How to Get a YouTube Video Trending

 (1)Optimize Meta Data for Visibility in Search

The other place your videos will show up is in search, but only if the rest of your mea data is optimized for it.
This mostly means your video name ,video  title, your video description, and your  video tags.
Never flood your description with tags; use the actual tags field for that.
Use the description for an actual description of the video, as well as call to action links
That   you  either include on every video or mention specifically in the video for the user to check out. There’s no really specific
 steps   for optimizing this on YouTube; just use your SEO know-how to make use of the same concepts there.

(2) Engage Your Audience Outside of YouTube

(3)Upload More Videos, Consistently

(4)Create YouTube Video Playlist according to topics and arrange play list in step by step.

(5)Embed your videos to your blogs and website.

(6)Share your videos to  Social Media Groups like Facebook Groups.

(7)Create Back links for your YouTube videos & YouTube Channel.

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