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Step by Step Guide to use Facebook to Generate Backlinks

how can you  use Facebook to Generate Backlinks

Step   1.

Start Adding   all the people in your friend list , whom you know and have ever met as your friend on Facebook.

Step   2.

 Update your profile with real photos of yourself   & keep your profile professional (note: do not share anything which shows   unprofessional activity)

Step   3.

Daily Search for at least 10 groups to join that are relevant to your business  if continue this process   so in  30 days you will become member of   300  relevant groups  &  in  every group if there is  200 active members  then  you will reach  300 * 200  people  daily by posting in each groups daily basis.

Step   4.

Always   Share your Knowledge and Contribute useful tips  and  information to all  these groups. Answer and ask questions. Get involve with   people in conversations.

Step   5 .

 Create your own   Facebook groups for your business   Add as many of the friends   in the group  &  share your  facebook groups url  to invite other  groups member to join your group.

Step   6.

Search  on your facebook  friends that you’ve just gotten from these groups have a website or blog about your industry. They usually put a link to their blog or site in their ‘Info’ tab on their profile.

Step   7.

You can   Ask your new friends if they will allow you to contribute some content to their site or blog, in return for a link back to your site.

Step   8.

 Write this content, and send one unique article to each person that accepts your offer.

& create your own blog on blogger.com and wordpress.com and share articles to  all groups in which you are member.

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