Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

4 steps of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a  technique of marketing focused on    Attract  attention of Target Audience 

by  creating ,publishing ,distributing problem solving articles ,video ,image,audio   in free  to Attract 

attention of  Audience & engage them with regular sharing content.

(1)Make Research on Topics to collect information

for example we can make research of content on google.com, quora.com and buzzsumo.com ,wikipedia.org  type online platforms.

(2)Make Ready Attractive Content:-
your content may be in form of text,images,videos ,audio  there are many online tools available to help you for content creation like canva tool,pickmonkey tool .

(3)Distribute  your Content:-

(a)write your content  to blogger.com  and wordpress.com  blogging platform
(b)write your content to Linkedin.com  type social media platform

(4)Make Analysis  of your Content Marketing activity:-

for  blogger.com & wordpress.com   integrate with Google Analytics tool to track report.
for social media  use    hootsuite.com and buffer.com kind  social media content management tool.

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