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To make your website easily findable over the web To increase the visibility

To get more traffic (visitors) to the website

To scale up the number of Leads from the website

SEO Process Program Specification:-

Our SEO Process Program is designed to address search engine algorithms of all main search engines. The scope of the SEO Program is customized according to the needs of the website, the target audience it addresses and the online competition associated with it.

The SEO process is divided into the following 6 Stages:

1.            Stage I  - Evaluation & Planning

2.            Stage II - Execution

3.            Stage III - SEO Implementation

4.            Stage IV – Completion

5.            Stage V – Off-page optimization

6.            Stage VI – Monitoring

STAGE I - Evaluation & Planning Phase:-

Current site stats recording (Link Popularity, PR etc)        Report 

Search Engine Friendliness Analysis         Report

Keyword Research (draft)            Report (for feedback)   

Keyword selection (based on your feedback)     Report 

Keyword finalization (based on your selection)  E-mail  

Pre-optimization Search Engine rank recording  Report

Content writing recommendations          Report

Selection of WebPages for optimization                Report

Keyword research will be carried out on the basis of data  gathered  from Google Ads and the Competitor analysis

STAGE II - Execution Phase:

Optimization data creation (to be used later in SEO                         
implementation) Excel Sheet Report   
SEO rule recommendation Excel Sheet Report  


The Optimization data creation will contain complete details of the on-page optimization that is to be carried out on the WebPages short listed for SEO.

This includes Title Tag, Meta Tags, Content optimization, Image Alt-Text, File/Directory name optimization, Title Attributes etc.

This phase will include creation of customized 404 error page

STAGE III - SEO Implementation Phase:-

SEO Implementation execution for the entire site   Checklist             
Quality Check (QC)   Checklist             
Changes if any  Checklist             
STAGE IV- On page   SEO Completion Phase:-

Final site re-submissions to free search engines   Report                 
Completion Report                                        
STAGE V - Off page Optimization:-

XML Sitemap Submission Report

Manual Web Directory Submissions Report

Social Bookmarks Report

Forum Profile Links Report

Article Creation Report

Article Submission Report

Blog Post Creation Report

Blog Post Ping to Search Engines Report

Blog RSS Feed Submission Report

Link building Report

STAGE VI - SEO Monitoring
Rank monitoring               Report 

Traffic report analysis     Report 

Further on page recommendations         Report 

Stage V and VI – Min 1 year recommended. The client can renew the contract after looking at the SE traffic

Project Duration

The total SEO process from initial “Evaluation & Planning” to the “SEO Execution” phase will roughly take around 6 months for optimization of up to 15 Keywords. However this duration is subject to change based on variables like the time taken to get a response from the client, discussions, whether any additional content needs to be created on the site etc.


Website will be submitted to the major free search engines and directories, including a few industry-specific free directories.

All our suggested keywords will have searches as determined by our tools

We will include all keywords give by the client in the optimization if client wants post keyword research analysis also.

Unethical SEO techniques will not be used in our SEO.

None of the SEO techniques used by us will get our clients website banned.

The SEO techniques used to optimize the site will help make your website Search Engine Crawler Friendly.

We will not carry out any changes on your website without prior approval.

Plz note: We do not give false ranking guarantees.

It is not possible for any one to guarantee you a particular ranking on any search engine.

Google and most other search engines clearly state this on their website.


Check here - http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html.


Total Duration 6 months.

Cost Per Month: - Rs.12,000/-

Total Keywords optimization: - 15

Monthly Reports

It is a one time cost and you can generate  business from the website for life.

SEO Turns A Normal Business Into A Big Brand

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