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How to do schema markup in your blog post & html code for article posting :-

Step 1:- open your post     & then Go to html code     Under your   html code   first   start your post content   from <div itemprop = "liveBlogUpdate" itemscope itemtype = "" > note:-  here  itemtype = "   it is  saying search engine that it is blog post Step 2:-     find out each headline     tag <h1> <h2> & replace it with code    <h1 itemprop = "headline" > your heading </h1> <h2 itemprop = "headline" > put your subheading </h2> note: here itemprop =" headline "  it is saying google search engine that it is heading. Step 3:-     find paragraph tag <p> and replace it with <p itemprop = "articleBody" > Write your article post content here .. </p> note:- here   itemprop = "articleBody"  saying that this content of article.    Step 4:-       f

Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Results

Step 1:- Test Every Subject Line Before Delivery use this following tool to optimize subject lines and see how they’ll look in recipient’s inboxes. Step 2:- Use a Real Person’s Name in the Sender Field use your name in sender field ,rather than your brand name. Step 3:- Add Personalization :- Make your perosnal include the recipient's name. 4. Use Power Words :- Subject lines should Motivate readers to take action. So, include power words that motivate recipient’s  to open and click. Use power words like  "Get now " , "limited Now" ,"last Chance " , is coming , important , information,  "today only "  5 . A/B Test Subject Lines:  try two subjects lines with two difffrenet email content and send it check is giving more response.  6. Email Content :-   When you writing subject lines or body copy, make everything as long as it needs to be, and no more. Here are some basi

Tips for getting in the Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge database used by Google and its services to enhance its search engine's results by collecting information from a variety of Web sources like website , social media profiles, news website & many more. The information is presented to users   as shown below.     With the knowledge graph, users will get information about people, facts and places that are inter linked in one way or the other. Tips to Get in Google's Knowledge Graph? To start, follow these steps. 1. CREATE A PAGE ON WIKIPEDIA 2. CREATE A PAGE ON  WIKIDATA.ORG 3. create Social Media profiles on at least:        Facebook       Twitter      Pinterest      LinkedIn 4. IMPLEMENT SCHEMA MARKUP ON YOUR SITE Start reading from Start from following links for schema markup. 5.   CONTENT AND FORMAT  content should include: ·   

how can you create public relations with social media marketing ?

Public relations  may  be  outlined   because the   apply  of managing communication between  a company  and its publics. An example  of excellent   packaging  would be generating  an editorial   that includes  a  shopper ,  instead of  paying for the  shopper  to be  publicized  next to the article. The aim of  packaging  is  to tell   the general public , prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and  alternative  stakeholders and ultimately persuade them  to take care of  a positive or favorable  read   regarding  the organization, its leadership, products, or political  choices .  Maintain relationships with an organization's  target market , the media, relevant trade media, and  alternative  opinion leaders.  planning  communications campaigns, writing news releases and  alternative  content for news,  operating  with the press,  transcription  interviews for company spokespeople, writing speeches for company leaders,   Nursing  organisation's  voic

What are the things a Digital Marketing Fresher must include in their resume ?

Digital Marketing Skills:- SEO  :- Keyword research Competitor Analysis. MS Excel, Google Analytics On Page Optimization Off Page Optimization SEO TOOLS :-  Google Ads keyword planner tool,,  seo quake, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING:- Social media page setup & profile optimization in facebook,linkedin,instagram. Competitor analysis & finding best hashtags. Writing effective post for social media posting. Find best content for social media post from tools like Content management & analysis tools like Facebook  lead generation campaign setup. Content rewrite tools like GOOGLE ADS   PPC :- Research PPC Keywords. Analyze Competitors keywords. Set-up PPC Campaign Create Effective Ads Ad groups Campaign & Ads optimization  Project  Activity of Digital Marketing:- SEO activity-- I worked on keyword (for example :-"social media marketing serv

bid strategy based on your goals

Determine a bid strategy based on your goals :- Google Ads offers several bid strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns. Depending on which networks your campaign is targeting, and whether you want to focus on getting  clicks ,  impressions ,  conversions , or views you can determine which strategy is best for you. In this article, we'll describe how to use your advertising goals to choose your bid strategy. Consider your Goals:- Each bid strategy is suited for different kinds of campaigns and advertising goals. For the purposes of bidding, you'll want to consider five basic types of goals, along with your current campaign settings. If you want customers to take a direct action on your site , and you're using  conversion tracking , then it may be best to focus on conversions. Smart Bidding lets you do that. If you want to generate traffic to your website , focusing on clicks could be ideal for you. Cost-per-click (CPC) bi