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how to do seo for website step by step 2019


     1)    KEYWORD RESEARCH (Search for Important keyword)
     2)    KEYWORD SELECTION(Select   Keywords for  search engine ranking. )

Keyword research using google ads planner tools:-

1)Visit ( and then sign in with ur gmail a/c.
Keyword research helps you to know about any products (words or phrases) name or url related to your business.

 Note:-identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines -make in an attempt to figure out what to rank for We do keyword reseach to get ideas about which keywords are important.

Keyword selection :-
 we have 20 keywords from that we have to select 12 keywords which are imp for ranking.

Page selection:- 
we have to select a particular pages for relevant products and services, which we will use for on page seo process.

 .For eg :- client want to promote website design courses and digital marketing courses then we will visit client website to find relevant pages for these courses.

On page seo
It is a process of optimizing website content as well as website html source code to make website search engine friendly.

*Process of on-page SEO

It is process in which the permalink is SEO friendly. 

we can write maximum 65 characters by using main focus keyword in page title, 

in page description(meta description) the character limit is 155 to 165 with include space, 

in meta keywords we can select minimum 5 keywords and each keyword separate by comma. 

Your web page content should include <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, html tags with main focus keyword and 

your first hundred words of your first paragraph should include your main focus keyword and 

also your web page should include 2 internal links and 2 external links.

For eg:- <a herf=”digital-marketing-classes.html” title=”Digital Marketing         Classes”>  anchor text </a>

Image name should include your main focus keyword

For eg:- <img src=”digital-marketing-classes.jpg” alt=”Digital Marketing              Classes”/>

5) Check SEO Score:-

i) after on page seo process check seo score for each pages to check whether all pages are properly optimized or not.

For eg:- you want to check seo score for
Than, go to, copy the url link, new tab, search seo score checker , then click on following link

then enter your page url and then click on check seo.

6) Start Off Page SEO for all pages:-
read more from

7)  Monitor website ranking for all keywords
We can do these by doing  OFF PAGE SEO process .


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