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bid strategy based on your goals

Determine a bid strategy based on your goals :- Google Ads offers several bid strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns. Depending on which networks your campaign is targeting, and whether you want to focus on getting  clicks ,  impressions ,  conversions , or views you can determine which strategy is best for you. In this article, we'll describe how to use your advertising goals to choose your bid strategy. Consider your Goals:- Each bid strategy is suited for different kinds of campaigns and advertising goals. For the purposes of bidding, you'll want to consider five basic types of goals, along with your current campaign settings. If you want customers to take a direct action on your site , and you're using  conversion tracking , then it may be best to focus on conversions. Smart Bidding lets you do that. If you want to generate traffic to your website , focusing on clicks could be ideal for you. Cost-per-click (CPC) bi

Did you know About facts and stats about digital marketing

1. you see gorgeous girl in party ,you go to her and Say I am rich marry me. “That’s Direct Marketing.” 2. you attend a party and your Friend goes to a girl and points at you telling her . He is very rich ,marry him. “ That’s Advertising”. 3. Girl walks to you and says , you are rich,can you marry me ?” That’s Brand Recognition”. 4. you say  I am very rich marry me and she slaps you  .”That’s Customer Feedback”. 5. you say I am very rich marry me and she introduces you to her husband.” That’s Demand and Supply Gap”. Before you say I am rich, marry me , and your wife arrives “ That’s Restriction From Entering new market.” Digital Marketing By om Sir – say hi on Whats App   8149996597.