Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Results

Step 1:- Test Every Subject Line Before Delivery

use this following tool to optimize subject lines and see how they’ll look in recipient’s inboxes.


Step 2:- Use a Real Person’s Name in the Sender Field

use your name in sender field ,rather than your brand name.

Step 3:- Add Personalization :-

Make your perosnal include the recipient's name.

4. Use Power Words :-

Subject lines should Motivate readers to take action. So, include power words that motivate recipient’s
 to open and click. Use power words like  "Get now " , "limited Now" ,"last Chance " , is coming , important , information,
 "today only "

 5 . A/B Test Subject Lines:
 try two subjects lines with two difffrenet email content and send it check is giving more response.

 6. Email Content :- 
 When you writing subject lines or body copy, make everything as long as it needs to be, and no more.
Here are some basic guidelines to follow:-
put benefits information  they will get & put reasons why they should  buy your product and services.
Keep It Brief
keep sentence under 25 words
each paragraphs include only two lines.

7.Include One CTA (Don’t Be Afraid to Include It In Multiple Locations):-
use Call to action  words in  Header graphics and paragraphs inline text.
for example  Apply now , Book now , Register for Free demo , Get Offer , Get Now

8.  To get website traffice add  your website links .

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