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Apply Super 4 tips of instagram marketing and check result & keep experiment.

  (1) *use relevant & trending hashtags.* To get most relevant and trending hashtags use following website (1) (2) (3)  *experiment with hashtags*   *very Important Note :* daily  make  1 post minimum  and if possible then make daily  3 to 4 post  and  *New hashtags*:-   every new post must include 10 new hashtags.  *Use mix hashtags* with each post :-   10 high reach hashtags  10 medium reach hashtags  10 low reach hashtags (2) *interactions with your followers and competitors*  *Daily make interaction*:-   if possible make  daily 10 to 20  interaction. With your *followers*  and your *competitors*  and *their following.*  For this like ,reply and *comment in more than three words* with @username of people to whom post you are making comment. & reply and share stories of your competitors and your followers . share your stories  of your business topics. *(3)competitors analysis :-*  check your competitors post and hashtag they are us

How do I request a verified badge for my Instagram profile?

What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram? We look at a number of factors when evaluating Instagram accounts to determine if they're in the public interest and meet our verification criteria. In addition to following Instagram's  Terms of Use  and  Community Guidelines , your account also needs to be: Authentic : Your account must represent a real person, registered business or entity. Unique : Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one account per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. We don't verify general interest accounts (example: @puppymemes). Complete : Your account must be  public  and have a bio, profile photo and at least one post. Your profile can't contain "add me" links to other social media services. Notable : Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity. We review

How do I request a verified badge on Facebook?

The verified badge  your account must be authentic means represent real person  and complete your about section your profile photo and cover photo and make at least one post on your timeline. Note:- if you doesn't  meet the criteria for a verified badge  then you can link  your profile from an  official website ,  Instagram  profile and twitter account. You can submit a request by filling out given below link contact form

How can you grow Daily 50 to 100 followers on Instagram Organically

Hey note down this 4 tips  to  grow  Daily 30 to 100 followers on Instagram  Organically   Apply it and check result   & keep experiment. (1) *use relevant & trending hashtags.* To get most relevant and trending hashtags use following website (1) (2) (3) experiment with hashtags very Important Note : daily  make  1 post minimum  and if possible then make daily  3 to 4 post  and every new post must include 10 new hashtags. (2) *interactions with your followers and competitors* :- daily make 100 interaction and if possible make 200 interaction. With your followers and your competitors and their following. For this like and *comment in more than three words* with @username of people to whom post you are making comment & reply and share stories of your competitors and your followers . share your stories  of your business topics. *(3)competitors analysis  :-*  check your competitors post an

Instagram Hashtag Marketing experiment

 experiment  Day  1:- #love #instagood #like #follow #photooftheday #happy #instagram #photography #beautiful #fashion #cute #life #art #picoftheday #music #family #style #nature #smile #followme #beauty #bhfyp #likeforlikes #travel #likes #friends #fun #instadaily #me  experiment   Day  2:- #f #l #instalike #photo #amor #happiness #wedding #peace #model #food #motivation #lifestyle #christmas #followforfollowback #a #tbt #amazing #quotes #k #lovequotes #inspiration #o #baby #summer #india #live #loveyourself #s #couple #likeforlike  experiment   Day 3:- #cute #life #art #picoftheday #music #family #style #nature #smile #followme #beauty #bhfyp #likeforlikes #travel #likes #friends #fun #instadaily #girl  experiment   day 4:- #happy #love #instagood #like #photooftheday #smile #beautiful #cute #follow #fashion #picoftheday #fun #photography #instagram #life #followme #me #friends #instadaily #family #art #girl #style #travel #nature #happiness #selfie #tbt #instalike

Digital Marketing Task list to Become Digital Marketing expert:-

SEO TASK:- step 1:- Find out 20 keywords list  from Google ads keywords planner tool & & step 2:- Then decide  number of pages for on page seo process & Write page title , Page meta descrition , Page heading  & Page Content for all these page. for example  you decided   5 pages then you divide all these 20 keywords in these pages. note:- if you not able to purchase any domain and hosting then start it with free from step 3:- Then setup  your website & blog with   google search console to track website performance and Google analytics  to track website traffic. setp 4:- Then start off page seo process for all pages. Top seo certification  courses :- https://seothat

here is the tips for "how to get more Instagram followers."

here’s how to get more Instagram followers: -       Look to Your Competitors        Create an IGTV series         Work with micro-influencers  Write longer captions on your posts  Appear in the related accounts suggestions on Instagram  Treat your Instagram profile like a homepage Post more video on your feed  Share more selfies (yes, really) Promote your Instagram content on other platforms Create a custom Instagram Stories filter for your brand Collaborate with awesome brands Use a branded hashtag to create an Instagram community  Create memes that resonate with your audience. Download Instagram Marketing Tips 

Free Places To Promote Your Website

Content Promotion sites:- Medium, EzineArticles, AllTop, LinkedIn Pulse,, Flipboard, Hub Pages. Social Media Platforms :- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms Youtube is currently the 2nd most popular Video site in the world, Snapchat is a great marketing source for creative posts and videos Reddit, Quora and StumbleUpon are platforms where you can get new users and  increase your brand awareness at the same time Tumblr is a bit forgotten platform designed mainly for bloggers if you have promotional videos or presentations, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SlideShare are best platforms for it. AngelList was a place to connect startups with investors We heart it, similar to Instagram and Pinterest. Press release sites:- it is used to promote your company news tips :- first write a great content, and submit it to as many press release website as possible giv

Is it better to take a digital marketing course or do an internship directly followed by a job?

You start both at the same time How can it possible let’s discuss it… First take digital marketing course batch Sunday Sunday to an institute who give you practical knowledge of each digital marketing techniques :- seo :- Rank keywords in google search engine social media marketing:- increase Awareness & branding , audience engagement. google ads: To generate leads in search advertising , display advertising for branding , youtube video promotions, facebook ads ,linkedin ads,twitter ads:- to generate leads And also find internship jobs in digital marketing company from Monday to Saturday . Benefits of above doing same time are:- in digital marketing course you will   get clear concept of each techniques   & practical knowledge second in internship you will   get chance to apply your practical knowledge   which you get during your digital marketing course. for internship opportunity visit:-

Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

Best Institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai  Which help you to Grow your Digital Marketing Skills. 1 ) Vdigital  :- (2) IIDE INSTITUTE:- Become  a Digital Marketing Expert  without Quitting your Job with IIDE'S Sunday only batch & give a boost to your career  3) DMTI  INSTITUTE:- Digital Marketing Diploma [27 Modules] 'Early Bird Offers' 6 certifications 3)Digital Trainee:-  Looking for successful Career & Business Opportunities in Digital Marketing ? stop searching on the web just visit.

How can i manage multiple Google Ads account & Facebook Ads manager Account at one place ?

(1)Google  Manager Account:- For this  create account on Previously known as My Client Centre (MCC), Manager Accounts  help you to manage multiple Google Ads accounts (2)Facebook Business Account:- For  facebook  create  facebook  business Account on   & then  you can manage multiple  facebook ads manager account .

Frequently Asked Questions -Schema Markup

<p><h2>Frequently Asked Questions</h2></p> <div itemscope itemtype=''> <div itemscope itemprop='mainEntity' itemtype=''> <p><h3 itemprop='name'>1. Which are the different subjects digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai teach?</h3></p> <div itemscope itemprop='acceptedAnswer' itemtype=''>  <div itemprop='text'>  <p>They teach you the basic and advanced levels of subjects like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Strategy, Native Advertising, etc.</p> </div> </div> </div> <div itemscope itemprop='mainEntity' itemtype=''> <p><h3 itemprop='name'>2. Who are the instructors at these training institutes?</h3></p> <div itemscope itemprop='acceptedAnswer&

Digital Marketing Services

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING:- In this we will help you to reach your target audience & make best online presence. We do:- Google Search Campaigns. Google display campaigns. Google Video Campaigns. Google App Download Campaigns. Re-marketing Campaigns. Google Ads PPC  Services:- it   is the leading PPC platform which is offering the best PPC  services and to give you the best ROI to your Business. Our PPC Services Cover :-  Campaign Setup Ad Group Setup Ad Text Creation Keyword Research and Selection Optimization of landing pages Bid Management PPC Reporting/Monitoring Conversion Tracking For  10 keywords  monthly  10,000 rs. Need these for your business? Let's meet for a  Tea! Social Media Marketing:-  Our social media marketing team will help you to increase your awareness , increase your audience & engage your audience with your company brand. Our Services in Social Media Marketing include:- Profile setup on  facebook, linkedin, inst

Tips to Start your Own Digital Marketing Agency From Today - 2020

1. Choosing a Brand Name 2. Choosing a Domain Name 3. Logo Design and Business Cards 4.Plan Out When You will Need Employees Just You:- Start out as just you, knuckle down, and complete as much work as possible. Freelancers:-  find out freelancers  & outsource your projects with percentage sharing bases. Part-Time Employee:-  hire  people who willing to work part time with you  & you can offer  reasonable salary amount. One Full Time Employee:- keep one full time employee who can handle all your customer support 24/7 . 5. Make your Digital Marketing Packages & explain about each package  that what client will get result. for example if you will get my seo package :- after taking this seo packages  you will get more website traffic and more website traffic will give you more customers. 6. Set your each package pricing in monthly charges:-  for example  for 5 keywords ranking  monthly is 10,000rs. 7. Start your own marketing First :- 

how can you handle a seo project of any client in 2020 seo tips & tricks

To Handle any seo proejct you just need to know about seo process step by step 2020:- (1) Collect Product and services information from client which they want to promote. (2)According to product & services  which they want to promote perform seo audit for client's website. for  SEO Audit (Check website Cureent Status) Check   seo score   of all pages of website which is  decided for search engine optimization process : check domain authority of website ,check page authority of websites pages. check Mobile friendly test for each pages:  check  each pages speed  -website speed test: (3)keyword research :- Find out keywords list which are important for your client's Business . for this use  Google Ads keyword planner tool , seo quake tool , u