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how can you handle a seo project of any client in 2020 seo tips & tricks

To Handle any seo proejct you just need to know about seo process step by step 2020:-

(1) Collect Product and services information from client which they want to promote.

(2)According to product & services  which they want to promote perform seo audit for client's website.

for  SEO Audit (Check website Cureent Status)

Check   seo score   of all pages of website which is  decided for search engine optimization process :

check domain authority of website ,check page authority of websites pages.

check Mobile friendly test for each pages:

 check  each pages speed  -website speed test:

(3)keyword research :- Find out keywords list which are important for your client's Business .
for this use  Google Ads keyword planner tool , seo quake tool , tool.

(4)On page seo process:-

(a)After that select pages which you want to rank  &

(b)create on page seo document file for each pages.

 learn on page seo document file  format from

(c)send this on page seo document file to website designer

(d)webstie desinger will make changes in all pages according to your on page seo document file.

(e)create robots.txt file and sitemap.xml file & send this to website designer to upload inside website main folder.

 for sitemap.xml  generation use  this tool :-

& for robots.txt geneator use this tool:-

(f)after getting confirmation from website designer  to cross check ti check seo score of each pages.

which you can do  using and & & many other free tools you can use.

(5)after it  setup your client's website with Google  search console (to track website performance)and google analytics(track website traffic & source medium).

(6)Start off page seo process  :-

  •  link building
  •  social book marking
  •  social media Posting engagement 
  •  article submission
  • blog posting
  • forum signature posting

(7) check keyword postions of website pages.

(8)monitor website ranking  by doing off page seo process and keeping update of google guidelines.  & making competitor research.


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