Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

Tips to Start your Own Digital Marketing Agency From Today - 2020

1. Choosing a Brand Name

2. Choosing a Domain Name

3. Logo Design and Business Cards

4.Plan Out When You will Need Employees

Just You:-

Start out as just you, knuckle down, and complete as much work as possible.


find out freelancers  & outsource your projects with percentage sharing bases.

Part-Time Employee:- 

hire  people who willing to work part time with you  & you can offer  reasonable salary amount.

One Full Time Employee:-

keep one full time employee who can handle all your customer support 24/7 .

5. Make your Digital Marketing Packages & explain about each package  that what client will get result.

for example if you will get my seo package :-
after taking this seo packages  you will get more website traffic and more website traffic will give you more customers.

6. Set your each package pricing in monthly charges:-

 for example  for 5 keywords ranking  monthly is 10,000rs.

7. Start your own marketing First :- 

Improve your Social media Marketing Skills :-

create profile on social media platforms who are in demand ( facebook ,instagram, linkedin, twitter ,youtube, tiktok)  & start experimenting your Marketing Strategy on all platforms.)
& Daily check your  audience engagements  & analysis. for this use buffer.com tool , hootsuite.com tool for social media management.

Improve your Search Engine Marketing Skills :-

SEO  Skills:-
Rank your website  for all keywords which related to your business :-

for example if your business is in mumbai then " Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai, Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, Digital Marketing  Services in Mumbai. Most important find out all Long tail keywords which are easy to rank  for this use ubersuggest.com to check
keyword difficulty.

PPC Skills :- Run all ppc campaign of linkedin , facebook , Instagram, google ads ppc.

first setup landing pages  with enquiry form & setup conversion tracking code to track your conversion form paid ads.
second experiment with all your keywords and ads format  to generate Leads.

for exmaple run facebook lead generation campaign
run linkedin lead generation campaign
run google ads ppc lead generation campaign
note: in google ads ppc campaign keywords quality score and ad relevance and landing page experience , expected ctr are important time to time focus on it after running live Google Ads ppc Campaign.

Re marketing Skills :-
Re marketing  best example :- showing ads to people who already visited your website & your social media pages.
run re marketing campaigns in social media platforms like facebook ads and google ads.

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