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Free Places To Promote Your Website

Content Promotion sites:- Medium, EzineArticles, AllTop, LinkedIn Pulse,, Flipboard, Hub Pages. Social Media Platforms :- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are the most popular social media platforms Youtube is currently the 2nd most popular Video site in the world, Snapchat is a great marketing source for creative posts and videos Reddit, Quora and StumbleUpon are platforms where you can get new users and  increase your brand awareness at the same time Tumblr is a bit forgotten platform designed mainly for bloggers if you have promotional videos or presentations, Vimeo, Dailymotion and SlideShare are best platforms for it. AngelList was a place to connect startups with investors We heart it, similar to Instagram and Pinterest. Press release sites:- it is used to promote your company news tips :- first write a great content, and submit it to as many press release website as possible giv

Is it better to take a digital marketing course or do an internship directly followed by a job?

You start both at the same time How can it possible let’s discuss it… First take digital marketing course batch Sunday Sunday to an institute who give you practical knowledge of each digital marketing techniques :- seo :- Rank keywords in google search engine social media marketing:- increase Awareness & branding , audience engagement. google ads: To generate leads in search advertising , display advertising for branding , youtube video promotions, facebook ads ,linkedin ads,twitter ads:- to generate leads And also find internship jobs in digital marketing company from Monday to Saturday . Benefits of above doing same time are:- in digital marketing course you will   get clear concept of each techniques   & practical knowledge second in internship you will   get chance to apply your practical knowledge   which you get during your digital marketing course. for internship opportunity visit:-