Learn New Things in Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Task list to Become Digital Marketing expert:-


step 1:- Find out 20 keywords list  from Google ads keywords planner tool & ubersuggest.com &


step 2:- Then decide  number of pages for on page seo process &

Write page title , Page meta descrition , Page heading  & Page Content for all these page.

for example  you decided   5 pages then you divide all these 20 keywords in these pages.

note:- if you not able to purchase any domain and hosting then start it with free from blogger.com

step 3:- Then setup  your website & blog with   google search console to track website performance and Google analytics  to track website traffic.

setp 4:- Then start off page seo process for all pages.

Top seo certification  courses :-








Social Media Marketing task:-

first of all create facebook page , instagram business profile & link  facebook page with instagram profile.

and create your linkedin profile and business page  and groups.

create your twitter profile and youtube channel.

second  check your competitor pages and profile  and daily check which time and which content they are posting  in single day . & note which Hashtags they are using.

use social blade type tool  to check your competitor   analytics :-


Weekly  Make   3  Post on   facebook page , facebook groups , linkedin page , linkedin Groups .

Daily  check  your facebook page insights and linkedin page analysis.

daily  make  5 tweets on twitter and check twitter analytics.

daily   make  3 post on Instagram  and check insights of each post.

weekly  upload  1  video on youtube regarding topics which you want and increase video views upto 1000 views.

Daily check your google analytics  report for social media traffic.

use  canva tool to create images for social media posting and try buffer.com tool  for social media content management , use google calendar to schedule your social media posting.

Run social media paid  campaign  like  facebook and instagram lead generation campaign ,social media  video views and website visit and profile visit campaign in   facebook ,instagram , linkedin .

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Google Ads PPC task:-

  1. Make  10 keywords list  .
  2. and separate each keywords to specific ad groups 
  3. and create campaign structure .
  4. and write attractive ad text headline , description & display path.
  5. and create  landing pages for each ad groups.
  6. check your landing pages are mobile friendly and   loading fast in mobile , desktop devices.

note :-  After campaign is live keep checking your each keywords  Quality score , ad relevance,
expected ctr , landing page experience.

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& how to improve your ROI

step by step guidance for Google ads ppc campaign setup .
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