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Apply Super 4 tips of instagram marketing and check result & keep experiment.

  (1) *use relevant & trending hashtags.* To get most relevant and trending hashtags use following website (1) (2) (3)  *experiment with hashtags*   *very Important Note :* daily  make  1 post minimum  and if possible then make daily  3 to 4 post  and  *New hashtags*:-   every new post must include 10 new hashtags.  *Use mix hashtags* with each post :-   10 high reach hashtags  10 medium reach hashtags  10 low reach hashtags (2) *interactions with your followers and competitors*  *Daily make interaction*:-   if possible make  daily 10 to 20  interaction. With your *followers*  and your *competitors*  and *their following.*  For this like ,reply and *comment in more than three words* with @username of people to whom post you are making comment. & reply and share stories of your competitors and your followers . share your stories  of your business topics. *(3)competitors analysis :-*  check your competitors post and hashtag they are us